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Our Business Helicopter services can be used to travel stress-free, avoid traffic jams and increase your productivity with schedule to suit your business needs. Use your maximum time to improve your company’s productivity. More business travels are being carried out using a helicopter as it’s easy to book as well as becoming more cost effective in the current economic scenario. You can maximize the hours in your working week and the productivity by ensuring your key personnel use this fast mode of travel. The itinerary is tailored to suit your business agenda so you can fit in more meetings or get in front of more clients with presentations or pitches in a day.

Using a helicopter for business travel opens up new markets and helps you to maintain and provide top customer service for existing clients. Use the opportunity to obtain maximum productivity in an increasing competitive business world by attending the maximum number of crucial face to face meetings with clients and staff. Reduce the need to spend out for hotel accommodation. Enabling your key personnel to return home in the evening adding to their quality of life and helping with their work life balance, a major factor in helping you to retain the staff you value.

We provide helicopters from single engine light weight helicopters to advanced twin engine helicopters such as Auguta 139 (13 pax), BELL 412 (11pax), Augusta 109 and EC 135; which operates from all locations in India.

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